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Bionic Betty

Teaser promo for women's fitness competition, "Bionic Betty"
Design, animation, effects, Post production

Client: Westlake Crossfit

"The Climb"

Internal presentation for St. Davids South Austin Medical Center - Austin, TX.

All Design and animation of captured still video frames
Post Production

Client - Overflow Communications

Forcepoint - Corporate presentation

This was an end tag for a Corporate Presentation
Design+ Animation of all scene elements
Client - Overflow Communications


Promotional animation to explain Freescale technology.

Client: Overflow Communications/Freescale


Tenura Marketing Intro

This was a piece used to open the client's annual corporate meeting.

Using 2D images, we animated the jets which had each represented company's logo painted on their tails, to appear to line up ready for take-off.

Design, animation, Post production

Client: Overflow Communications

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